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The following chapter and indeed any future chapters to this story contain adult material so if that isn't your thing don't read on. Naruto tensed and finally blew. Hinata is still on her knees, but in front of Kurenai and she has the huge penis of Kurenai between these big boobs. It was getting worse now. She had entered the compound and quickly set off to take them out. I don't own Naruto and any of its characters. First was the weight on top of her, then the feeling of nude skin on skin indicating that whoever was with her was also naked, then the last feeling.

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Now so close to home it was getting harder and harder to concentrate as her body burned for release.

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She had long black hair somewhat messy but it only made her look even more irresistible. Hinata is standing next to her, and she waits for her turn, fingering her pussy, while she sucks the nipple of one of those big boobs. Hanabi has a big dick, while Hinata's dick is huge. The big tits of Hinata sway at the same time as milk comes out of these nipples. They kissed for awhile their hand roaming each others bodies as the bathed under the streams small waterfall. Brunette Hentai Kurenai Yuhi.

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